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Nextcast Core 16

  • 999 kr

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En otraditionell skagit belly som är perfekt för det trånga utrymmet och när det ska fiskas med tunga spetsar! 


CORE 16 is a non-traditional skagit head. beside handling super heavy sinktip and large weighted flies, It provide a smooth control and casting . It performs well with all casting style including single spey with ease.

This is a unique line made for special fishing situations. A very short fly line that works excellent with heavy 15-foot tips in front of up to T18. It turns over the heavy tips and flies without question, and with more grace than you are used to.

It is important when you choose your Core16 line that you reduce the weight a bit from what you might be used to from the Zone lines. The lines pack heavy weight in a short line of 5-6 metres. If you usually use Zone in 600 grains, we recommend you try Core16 in minimum 50 grains lighter. 

Core16 makes fishing a sinking line easier than ever before, and it is a fantastic line in tight conditions.



Core16 450gr:   4,88 metres

Core16 500gr:   5.40 metres

Core16 550gr:   5,85 metres

Core16 600gr:   6,50 metres

Size (grains)

FF & F1 Models

Length (feet)Suggested Sinktip
Intrmediate to T20
37513.6'Intrmediate to T20
40014.4'Intrmediate to T20
42515.3'Intrmediate to T20
45016.1'Intrmediate to T20
47516.9'Intrmediate to T20
50017.7'Intrmediate to T20
52518.5'Intrmediate to T20
55019.3'Intrmediate to T20
57520.1'Intrmediate to T20
60020.9'Intrmediate to T20