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SAGE SPEY R8 ROD 15' #10

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SAGE R8 SPEY 15'  #10

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  • NEW 2024

    The longest and most powerful model in the family, the 15'0" #10 weight is for the largest of rivers where 100+ foot casts are necessary to reach holding lies and traveling lanes. It’s an excellent tool matched with Long Belly, Scandi or Skagit lines.

    • Action: Most Powerful
    • Application: Long length lines and long cast on big rivers.
    • Fishery: Scandinavia - early season large rivers Alta, Vefsna, Gaula, Orkla, UK, Skeena.
    • Target Lines: Skagit lines 675 - 725 grains - Scandi lines 610-670 grains. Recommended lines are Skagit Max Launch 725 grains/Scandi Launch 640 grains.
  • SPEY SPECIFIC / FAST ACTION / FINE-TUNED An effective Spey cast is dependent on efficient transfers of energy in each of its three key components: the Lift, Load, and Delivery. Utilizing our proprietary Revolution 8 graphite technology along the full length of double-handed rod tapers results in a blank with an unmatched ability to capture and carry power, plus exceptional tracking. Energy produced during the cast and applied directly to the rod are transmitted entirely into the line, so Spey casters aren’t required to compensate for lost energy or imprecise rod reactions. With SPEY R8, casts are smooth, instinctual, and consistent.

    • Lift: Adequate stiffness, power, and responsiveness paired with light weight ensure no efforts are wasted and fatigue is minimum when lifting long or heavy heads, sink tips and flies.
    • Load: R8 Technology maximizes the amount of energy collected in sweep or touch-and-go moves, carries it into the D-Loop, and transfers it smoothly into the rod.
    • Deliver: Responsiveness and tracking abilities of R8 Technology diminish lost energy and reduce lateral movements upon the forward stroke, increasing power and accuracy.
  • FINE-TUNED ACTIONS In designing our new SPEY R8 rods, we recognized there isn’t a single rod action appropriate for the wide variety of Spey fishing applications found around the globe. We identified four distinct Spey rod applications, each with its own unique set of requirements. This new approach matches rod action to application, ensuring anglers have the most fine-tuned Spey rod for their fishing. Across the family, our Revolution 8 Technology ensures a remarkably smooth and intuitive feel, no matter the line configuration.

    CLASSIC AESTHETICS Sage’s history designing and building Spey rods dates back to the late-1980’s - nearly the beginning of the company itself - when America’s Spey Revolution was just beginning. While the SPEY R8 family’s performance is a culmination of our most-advanced material technology, blank designs, and rod weight-length configurations to date, we’ve chosen the aesthetics as a nod to our deep Spey rod history, the pioneers of this niche within fly fishing, and of course, the anadromous fish themselves. Every detail is a thoughtful mix of functional intention and traditional looks. The overall look feels fresh yet familiar, is distinctively Sage, and inspires you to pick up the rods and fish them.

    • Blank Color - Rich and warm, Ale colored blanks paired with black and gold trim wraps signify the meeting of history, culture, and innovation.
    • Wood Reel Seat - A traditional deep walnut insert paired with Granite machined aluminum componentry follows a classic theme and is complementary to the Ale blank color.
    • Cork Handles - Excels in the majority of Spey fishing situations and are best suited to handling a mix of line types and casting styles.

    • Revolution 8 Technology
    • Ale Blank Color
    • Grey Primary Thread Wraps with Gold and Black Trim
    • Super-Plus Grade Cork Handle & Rear Grip with Composite Cork Trim Rings
    • Fuji K-Series “Tgle Free” Stripping Guides
    • Aluminium rod tube with Sage medallion
  • Weight: 285 g