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Nám Tafsmaterial

  • 240 kr

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Zentai High Density Leader Material

Nam beskriver tafsmaterialet :

Exclusive high density leader material that obtains its extraordinary performance from a 3-layer structure. Outer layer is a Fluorocarbon skin that provides the abrasion resistance and prevents UV rays from crossing the line and causing it to quickly age. The mid-layer is responsible for ensuring a super soft, low memory and high knot strength leader. The core is made of nano-technological nylon, which gives an extraordinary strength to the line.

The material comes on a very practical large arbor spool. Always easy to pick new material and take little room in your pockets and bags.

Diamter:Tensile Strength:Lbs:
0.33 mm11.9 kg26.3 lbs
0.37 mm15.8 kg34.8 lbs